All You Need Is Love


Here at Encore, we are missing all of you and the opportunities we usually have to make music, so we are putting together an amazing project that involves all people that work under the Encore banner. This means that we hope to create some wonderful videos and audio tracks using YOUR performances of this all-time, classic song.

Within the arrangement that has been especially created for all of you, there is the potential for any performer, of any age and ability, to take part. This means that the youngest will be performing alongside the eldest, the most inexperienced performer singing alongside somebody with many years of involvement, students performing beside teachers, Youth Music alongside Community Music and so on.

You can enter as many performances as you wish, which means that you can play as many instrumental parts as you can manage, or even sing the lead vocal and all of the backing harmonies! They just all need to be on separate videos.

So, do read through the INSTRUCTIONS below, listen to the original song

Original Song Link

and then decide which parts you want to perform.

Deadline for final entries is 5pm on MONDAY 8th June, 2020

In the meantime, have fun, get in touch if you have any problems and we look forward to receiving your videos.

Thank you

Andi Licqurish (Assistant Manager):

Telephone Number: 01432 853219