(Just a few rules. Please read thoroughly! A downloadable copy of these instructions can be found below)

  • Deadline for final entries is 5pm on MONDAY 8th June, 2020

  • After you have listened to the original version (click here) listen to the backing track.

  • Practice your parts along with the backing track.

  • When you are ready to record, do some tests with whatever equipment you are using. (For brass & woodwind players, please don’t point your instrument directly at the microphone/camera)

  • Please, if at all possible, record your entry in landscape mode.

  • Do please record your video using headphones. You need to be able to hear the backing track for playing, but we only want to hear YOU on the video that you submit.

  • The backing track has a click track on to enable you to maintain tempo, and also to help me with the editing of the music and the video.

  • When you are recording, could you please CLAP on the first beat of bar 2 of clicks (the 5th click). Please try to CLAP in time, and make it audible and visible. This does make the final video and mp3 editing so much easier.

  • When you are happy with your finished videos, please rename your file in the following format:

For example
Trombone – Bb 2 – Paul Lennon


  • Send the finished results to

  • If the files are too large to email, you can use Dropbox or WeTransfer, or you could even send them in a message to the Encore Enterprises Facebook account. Whichever way is easiest for you.

  • Feel free to upload more than one video, playing different parts or different instruments.

  • Once completed, it is over to the tech team at Encore to create what promises to be a phenomenal video and audio track.

  • If you have any questions at all, please contact Andi Licqurish (Assistant Manager):

  • We would much rather answer all of your questions than you not take part because of a query.

Downloadable Copy of Instructions

Telephone Number: 01432 853219      Email: