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Wider Opportunities at Key Stage 1


Our Key Stage 1 project consists of a term each of ukulele, tin whistle and glockenspiel with plenty of singing and rhythm/music games included.

Wider Opportunities at Key Stage 2 and 3


  • Option 1 – a termly carousel with a choice of ukulele, tin whistle, recorder and samba.

  • Option 2 – single instrument (or approved combination). A year’s tuition with the whole class learning one instrument. Choices include: trumpet/cornet, fife/flute, clarinet, clarinet/saxophone, Doods, Toots, violin, violin/cello and ukulele.

How to Order

To order your HMS Wider Opportunities project for 2019-20 please click below.

The deadline for Wider Opportunities applications is Friday 17th May 2019

The hire of a class set of instruments for the duration of the project is included in the cost. All instruments are offered subject to availability, so please discuss your requirements in advance of ordering.

Our programmes are flexible, and schools may choose to buy in either of the options. Some schools choose to buy in just Option 1 or Option 2 every year while others, for example, buy in a rolling programme using Options 1 and 2 to cover all four years at Key Stage 2.

**NEW for 2019-20 - Arts Award 'Discover' and 'Explore'**

Dependent on tutor availability, it may be possible for Wider Opportunities pupils to achieve Arts Award 'Discover' or ' Explore'. If you are considering this option, please contact Roger Wiebkin, Learning and Development Manager.

PPA cover

Wider Opportunities projects are a well-established choice for PPA cover and can be delivered for both 32 and 38 weeks.


Sharing Wider Opportunities Projects between classes

Schools can choose to ‘share’ a year’s Wider Opportunities project between two or three classes. For example, two classes sharing will receive half a year of provision each and three classes sharing will receive a term of provision each. Please note that not all instrument choices may be available for Option 2. Please contact Roger Wiebkin, Learning & Development Manager  to discuss your requirements before ordering.

Classroom support

Wider Opportunities projects are delivered in partnership with the class teacher and/or TA who play a crucial role in supporting the children’s learning. We ask therefore that the class teacher/TA be present in every lesson. For continuity purposes this should, where possible, be the same person each week. Naturally, we expect that any TA support normally required by individual children be provided.

In this way, school colleagues receive excellent ‘in-house’ professional development as they learn alongside their class. We even provide them with an instrument too!


**Please be flexible**

Keeping costs to schools as low as possible depends on us being able to utilise tutor time effectively by timetabling schools that are geographically close in the same morning or afternoon. This is particularly the case if you are ordering only 1 hour of tuition. When completing your Wider Opportunities booking form, please offer as many teaching time slots as possible. Thank you!

Costs for HMS delivered Wider Opportunities projects

Herefordshire Music Service uses its DfE Music Education Grant to heavily subsidise the scheme to ensure access for all children. This means we are able to offer 10 free weeks of tuition across the year alongside heavily subsidised instrument hire.


32 weeks x 1hr: total charge of:          £1,190 (morning slot) per annum 

£1,395 (afternoon slot) per annum

38 weeks x 1hr: total charge of:          £1,460 (morning slot) per annum

£1,665 (afternoon slot) per annum


Please note: The 38-week option is delivered over 37 – 39 weeks depending on the day of the week tuition is delivered and Herefordshire Council term dates.


What if a tutor or school needs to cancel a session?

32 Week Option – If a school gives notice of a cancellation a week or more in advance, lessons will be made up on an alternative ‘spare’ week. If a tutor is ill, lessons will be made up on an alternative ‘spare’ week.

38 Week Option - If a school cancels, the session is still chargeable. If a tutor is ill and we cannot provide cover, a refund will be made.

Because of teaching commitments in other schools, it is unlikely that tutors will be able to accommodate a request to change the day/time of their visit.

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