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Exciting news to come – 14th June 2021!

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If you are interested in registering for any of the 2020/21 projects, click here to go to our online registration form

2020/21 Projects

Project 1 - 6 Saturday Morning Sessions (online)

Sept 26th, Oct 10th, Jan 30th, Feb 13th, March 6th, March 20th

Project 2 - 2 Day course over Feb 1/2 term (17th and 18th of February) CANCELLED

Project 3 - 2 day course over May 1/2 term (2nd and 3rd of June) CANCELLED

Encore Youth Music - Eras - Quaver and D

"A wonderful chance for young people to come together with their passion and create a fantastic show."

Parent of a pupil who attended H.A.R.P

Encore Enterprises, in partnership with Hereford College of Arts, have organised rock and pop workshops inviting guitarists, keyboard players, brass/woodwind players (as a horn section), drummers and singers to play together in bands under the tuition of HCA and Encore Youth Music Tutors. 

In an exciting new venture, it is planned to merge Livewire (run by Close House) with Hereford Academy of Rock and Pop (run by Encore Enterprises) in the summer of 2021. This great new partnership will bring together our enthusiastic musicians but also a wider pool of talented tutors too. Indeed some already tutor on both. By bringing these together we will be able to offer more opportunities for our young people, helping them to develop both musically and socially.

For 2020/21, there will be 3 rock and pop projects (UPDATE Project 2 & Project 3 have unfortunately been cancelled). Spaces for each instrument are limited, so early registration is recommended. Each project is a separate group of workshops. The workshops are for pupils of secondary school age and older up to age 21. Pupils can attend any number of projects, signing up one at a time or all together. 

Dates for the projects as well as the link to the online registration form can be found above. Projects take place at Hereford College of Arts, though due to government guidelines they will be online for the foreseeable future. The cost for Project 1 is £40.00 per pupil and the cost for Project 2 or 3 is £45.00 per pupil per project.

Course Details

The aim of the workshops is to develop the ensemble and performance skills of young pop and rock musicians. They will cover a wide repertoire including: pop ‘classics’, contemporary styles, writing and arranging of original material. There will be regular opportunities to perform informally to each other in the ‘Live Room’ studio and the projects finish with a performance in the HCA theatre for friends and family. The workshops will include sectional rehearsals and working together in bands.


Vocalists will work with specialist singing tutors working on vocal technique, performance of a diverse range of popular music, how to communicate with an audience through song, and the importance of creating a persona as the ‘front’ of the band.


Brass & wind players will work with tutors on skills that are required as members of a ‘Horn’ section -  learning ‘riffs and licks’ of stock repertoire, developing improvisation skills and playing in differing styles from jazz through to rock.


Guitarists, bass players and drummers will work with professionals on a range of performance techniques, learning how to incorporate different styles and genres into their repertoire, how to play together in a cohesive group and how to support each other throughout a performance.


There are several video clips on our Youtube channel to give you an idea of what goes on, click here to go to our Youtube channel. 

If you have any questions, then please contact Lisa Lyness (Business Support Assistant):