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"It’s wonderful to see so many thriving ensembles rehearsing on a Saturday morning at Hereford Sixth Form College.  As a former member of the Staffordshire Music Service, I know how much youngsters gain from these opportunities. There are huge benefits and enjoyment that acrue from playing in the groups. These will help to nuture success and pleasure in their later lives."

Quote from Peter Cooper, Principal of Herefordshire Sixth Form College

How to Join

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Rehearsal Schedule

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General Information

Herefordshire Youth Music is the flagship of Herefordshire Music Service ensembles run by Encore Enterprises CIC (a non-profit-making Social Enterprise). It allows children and young people who are learning to play an instrument to come together, play together and enjoy music together.


The majority of our ensembles meet and rehearse together at our Music Centre on Saturday mornings at the Hereford Sixth Form College. On weekday evenings, our popular Brass Band and prestigious Youth Orchestra have their weekly rehearsals in The Shirehall.  There are ensembles for all abilities, so children don’t need to have been learning an instrument for very long before they can be a part of HYM. Indeed, if they have never played an instrument before, they can still join the Ukulele Ensemble! All young people, age 6-21, are invited to be part of the Youth Choir.  


There are a great number of advantages to learning a musical instrument: 


  • Meeting new friends of other ages and from other schools 

  • Learning to play music of a variety of styles, alongside others 

  • Improving musical and technical abilities 

  • Developing listening and aural skills 

  • Learning to be part of a team and developing team-building skills 

  • Developing skills such as social interaction and discipline etc 


If you have any queries in regards to HYM or if you would like further information, please contact Eva Prestage (Bursar & HYM Coordinator) -

Available Ensembles

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Brass Players
Woodwind Players
String Players
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