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HMEH Board Characteristic Survey

Part 1
This survey of Board member characteristics has been designed so that it is impossible to identify any individual and so is completely anonymous. This is because the responses to each question are collated separately and not cross-referenced. For each question there is the option ‘prefer not to say’.



Neurodiversity (Experiencing either: ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia)

Gender Identity

Sexual Orientation



Social-economic background - growing up

Social-economic background - now

Geography - growing up

Geography - now

Part 2

This part of the survey provides an opportunity for Board members to indicate ‘life experiences’, areas of expertise or interests that could be of value to the Hub Board. For example, you may have expertise in or experience of working with children with ADHD or autism or an interest in special needs. Perhaps you have insights into issues faced by young people growing up in challenging circumstances having experienced this yourself?


If you have insights into a protected characteristic although not necessarily identifying with that characteristic yourself, and would be willing to ‘represent’, ‘champion’ or be a ‘voice’ for that group on the Hub Board, please indicate below. Characteristics include:

Age; Disability; Neurodiversity; Gender; Sexual Orientation; Ethnicity; Religion & Belief; Socio-economic background and Geography.


Your responses to the first part of the survey (characteristics) will remain completely anonymous, even if you give your name in this part of the survey (life experiences) as responses are collated separately and not cross-referenced with responses to the first part.


Do you have any life experiences which you think may be able to contribute to HMEH? If so, please briefly describe below.


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