Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been unable to run our ensembles in the usual fashion. Despite this, we felt it was important to try and maintain some semblance of normality for our EYM members. An alternative online provision was set up so that they could still come together and make music together. As part of this provision, members were asked to send us recordings of them playing their respective instruments to the various pieces selected by their ensemble tutors. These recordings were then edited together into a concert video. Thank you to everyone who submitted recordings.

Encore Youth Music is pleased to present An Online Concert with

Herefordshire Youth Orchestra!

Conductor: Cliff Woollard

Tutors: Andi Licqurish & Barbara Kinnaird

Violin 1

Annie Kinsey (Leader)

Barbara Kinnaird

Lucy Mould

Erica Bemand

Kalu Ruiman Pinies Ramirez

Anabel Roberts


Violin 2

Rosie Huffer (Leader)

William Demetriou

Evie Hunt

Joel Reed-Jenkins

Rosie Reed-Jenkins

Daniel Smith



Keeley Taylor (Leader)

Libby Black

Rosa Connolly

Eleanor Morley


Theo Ceney (Leader)

Catherine Howells

Lisa Lyness

Double Bass

Polly Shorrock


Flora Altin

Sophia Kroese

Isobel Lawrence McQueen

Ellie MacLeod

Dimity Shorrock


Ellie MacLeod


Eden Lloyd


Hazel Martys

French Horn

Henry Black



Jasmin Licqurish



Felix Hinsley

Alfie Johnston 

Owen Wake

Bass Trombone

Alfie Johnston


Aaron Jones

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