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Attention all clarinettists or lapsed clarinettists

The following is a invitation from Rebecca Blackman, the parent representative on Herefordshire Music Education Hub and also parent of a Herefordshire Youth Music pupil.

Attention all clarinettists or lapsed clarinettists amongst you!

I’m Rebecca, your parent rep on the music hub and mum to Joe who plays in the Junior Concert Band.

I would like to start a clarinet choir (for parents/friends of Encore musicians) with your help. I have a library of about 150 arrangements and also a range of instruments I’m willing to share (E Flat, alto and bass clarinets)

The arrangements are varied and sometimes challenging, embrace a full range of styles and genres and are fun to play.

I need about 6 players to get a group going, ideally with Grade 5 or higher. It would be great if all players were willing to try different parts and instruments to give each person involved a chance to play widely, and it would be good for our children to see us parents getting together to play too.

If you’re interested drop me an e-mail on or a text message to 07974 146687.

If we can get this off the ground I’d be aiming for fortnightly rehearsals at a time to be agreed within the group, starting next September.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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