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Stars MYC - Sing In Session

Ever wanted to sing like your favourite pop star or belt out a musical theatre hit?

Perhaps you would like to start your own girl/boy band?

Want to build confidence and literacy skills or perhaps learn a new skill?

During the quiet winter months, we are offering bookable vocal sessions for up to four children aged 17-18 from service families. These session wil be 20 minutes long and will give the opportunity to learn, sing and record a song of their choice.

When children learn to play music, they develop important motor skills. When they sing songs, they learn to focus, listen carefully and repeat what they have heard. Just like reading to your child, singing songs helps to boost their vocabulary and language skills."

The simple and enjoyable act of singing fosters important social and emotional skills, such as self-regulation, self, confidence, leadership skills, social skills and socio-emotional intelligence.

Pupils will first need to be registered with Star MYC. To register, click below.

Once registered, session slots can be booked view the online booking form below

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