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Ukulele Ensemble

An all inclusive beginner ukulele ensemble

Standard required to join: From age 6, no experience                                                  required; you will be taught to                                              play the ukulele and loaned an                                            instrument


Conductor/Tutor: Duncan Cresswell and Hannah West


Rehearsal venue: Saturday Music Centre, 

                             Hereford Sixth Form College,

                             Folly Lane, Hereford, HR1 1LU


Rehearsal time: 10:50am to 11:50am

How to Join

If you are interested in joining, click here to go to our online registration form

2022 - 23 Rehearsal Dates 

2022 - 23 Concert Dates

Encore Youth Music Concert

Kindle Centre, Hereford


Encore Youth Music Strings Concert

The Courtyard, Hereford


Members of Ukulele Ensemble can also join Starter Strings or Starter Concert Band if they play an appropriate instrument to the required standard. 

Members of Ukulele Ensemble can also join the Herefordshire Youth Choir which rehearses from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. More information can be found here.


There is no extra charge for joining another ensemble.

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