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Welcome from the Managing Director

Encore Enterprises - Eras - Quaver and D

Welcome to the Encore Enterprises CIC website!


Encore was formed in July 2012 as a Social Enterprise. We are managed by a Board of voluntary Directors which includes myself as the employed Managing Director. Encore is a ‘not for profit’ Community Interest Company, mainly (but not exclusively) specialising in Music in Herefordshire. Like a charity, any ‘profit’ that we make is reinvested into our services for children and young people and adults. Encore has a small management and business support team, along with a small number of employed teachers and over 70 self-employed freelance teachers and artists.


Our Vision: To be the best provider of high quality cultural services in Herefordshire and beyond

Our Aims:

Ensuring access for all

Networking and forming stronger partnerships

Continuously striving for higher quality and improved services

Organising a broad range of activities and ensuring value for money

Reflecting upon and evaluating our services

Enjoyment for everyone in the community

Encore has a range of services for the community:


Encore Music Service is the County Music Service for Herefordshire. With over 60 professionals delivering high quality services to over 4000 pupils every week, alongside supporting another 2,000 young people, we are quite a big organisation! We provide services to nearly every school in the county (including special schools). We are also responsible as the Lead Organisation for the Herefordshire Music Education Hub, which includes not only delivering our own services, but working with and commissioning other organisations for a strategic county wide approach to music education.


Encore Youth Music offers the traditional county wind bands, brass bands and orchestras, alongside a range of contemporary music such as rock, pop, blues etc. We also have a County Youth Choir and a Ukulele Ensemble. Our range of ensembles caters from beginners to advanced, so there is something for every young musician! Over 300 young people are members, so why not join them? The more experienced players have the opportunity to work with other professional musicians and other high profile events e.g. The Band of The Household Cavalry, English Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of the Swan, 3 Choirs Festival etc. I could go on!....


Encore Community Music offers opportunities for adults. This expanding service offers a wide range of provision. Everything from musical opportunities for people with learning disabilities, to choirs for older people to workplace staff choirs. Over 150 adults regularly participate in these.


Encore has a range of funders, whom without which we would not exist. This includes Encore’s subsidiary charity The Music Pool. Please do have a look at our funders page. It goes without saying that if you are able to help us financially to keep our services to the community going, then we would love to hear from you! On behalf of all of our 5000+ regular weekly service users in the community, we do thank all of our funders sincerely for all of their support.


We welcome your feedback on our website and on our services. With limited funding, we do our best to provide high quality services whilst ensuring good value for money. We are here to support our community, so please do send us your comments – both positive or negative! If you have any questions or can’t find the information that you are looking for, then please do drop us an email or give us a call…we are here to help!


Cliff Woollard

Managing Director

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