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Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET)

The National Plan for Music Education states that every child should have the opportunity to participate in weekly tuition on a musical instrument through whole class teaching programmes and to sing regularly. Our 'Tune-In!' projects (known as First Access or Whole Class Ensemble Tuition in other parts of the country) are designed to meet both these expectations and contribute to the delivery of a school’s ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum.

Delivered by specialist tutors, our 'Tune-In!' projects provide high quality, creative and affordable musical experiences for children that complement and enhance the delivery of the National Curriculum for Music. Children and young people develop musical skills and understanding as they learn to play an instrument and sing together, working towards a ‘celebration’ performance. As well as instrumental skills, projects include singing, rhythm/music games and opportunities for improvising, composing and listening to a range of musical styles.

Learning an instrument has many benefits. It:

  • enhances social development

  • improves learning skills

  • fosters team working

  • builds life skills

  • promotes self-discipline

  • encourages creativity

  • is a skill for life and, by no means least….

  • is fun!


For further information about any aspect of WCET provision, please contact Sue Walker (Music Education Manager):

The Three Routes to Whole Class Ensemble Tuition

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'Tune-In!' - Overview

'Tune-In!' - Further Details

Independently Delivered WCET

Benefits for Pupils and Schools

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For More Information

If you have any queries about Whole Class Ensemble Tuition, or would like more information, please contact:

Book Your 'Tune-In!' Project For 2024-25 Now!

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'Tune-In!' 2024-25 projects is now available. The deadline is Wednesday 22nd May 2024

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