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Meet the Team

Board of Trustees

Encore Enterprises was registered as a CIC in July 2012 and converted to a charity in August 2023. During to our conversion we have kept our Board to 3 Trustees, with a view to developing it in number during 2024. The Board of Trustees meets regularly to discuss the business of the organisation.

Carl Attwood

Richard Glasspoole
Jonathan Godfrey
 OBE (Chair)

Management Team

Cliff Woollard
Chief Executive Officer


Cliff is responsible for:


  • reporting to the Board of Trustees

  • the leadership and development of Encore

  • leading the entire team of staff, freelancers and volunteers

  • safeguarding (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

  • Inclusion (Access and Inclusion Lead)


Cliff has taught in primary, secondary, independent and special schools and has been an army reservist musician. He is a keen percussionist and conductor and you can also find him behind a drum kit on occasions. Whilst Cliff has a love of hedgehogs, they don't necessarily have a love of his music!

Sue Walker

Music Education Manager

Sue is responsible for:

  • Leadership and management of all services to schools:

    • Management of the 'Tune-In!' programme (Whole Class Ensemble Tuition).

    • Management of the Accredited Teacher Scheme (peripatetic instrumental and vocal lessons).

    • Management of Early Years & Pre-School services.

    • Training and Continuous Personal Development (CPD) for school-based music teachers.

Sue has been a primary music teacher for 28 years, with some experience in secondary music education, and the last 8 years of teaching also being a KS2 class teacher. Sue currently combines her role as Encore’s Music Education Manager with teaching music one day a week at Bosbury CE Primary School.

Roger Wiebkin
Herefordshire Music Education Hub Strategy Manager

Roger is responsible for the leadership and management of The Herefordshire Music Education Hub.

Roger taught in a variety of schools as a music specialist across the age-range before joining Encore in 2011, where he has held a number of roles. Roger enjoys singing with Hereford Choral Society, the Three Choirs Festival Chorus and is looking forward to playing his clarinet and saxophone more regularly, too!

Eva Prestage

Business Manager

Eva is responsible for:

  • Management of all aspects of finance:

    • Management of budget, finance, accounts, banking, invoices etc...

    • Human Resources, Recruitment and Safeguarding checks (DBS).

    • Office Manager.

    • Management and Development of organisational policies.

    • Administration of Herefordshire Music Fund

Leaders & Coordinators Team

Jo Lowry (

Singing for Wellbeing Leader

Chris Butts (
Popular Music Leader

Wendy Wilson-Goddard (

​Early Years and Foundation Stage Leader

Hannah West (

Youth Voice Leader

Alex McWilliams (
Logistics and Data Coordinator

Lisa Lyness (

Community and EYM Coordinator

'Tune-In!' (Whole Class Ensemble Tuition or WCET) Team

The Tune-In Team travel to many schools across the county to teach pupils to learn an instrument in whole classes.


Rebecca Donaldson

Sue Gibson

Rebekah Gueye
Helen Holloway

Rachel Hudson

Rob Pritchard
Lynne Sherwood
Hannah West

Roger Wiebkin

Wendy Wilson-Goddard

The team is managed by Sue Walker - Music Education Manager

Encore Youth Music Team

Encore Youth Music (EYM) is the overarching name of the ensembles run by Encore Enterprises. Music Centre Tutors conduct or assist with bands, orchestras and other ensembles:


Shirley Aston
Hazel Davis
Becky Griffiths
John Griffiths
Barbara Kinnaird

Hazel Landey

Carol Lewis-Merritt

Andi Licqurish

Sarah Rees

Hannah West

Lisa Lyness coordinates the day to day organisation of EYM, supporting both tutors and parents.

Accredited Teachers

We have approximately 50 Accredited Teachers teaching a large variety of instruments in most primary and secondary schools across the county.


All Accredited Teachers have undergone the Music Service recruitment process. They hold an up to date enhanced DBS and have received annual safeguarding training. Accredited Teachers have access to relevant training opportunities and also undergo an annual quality assurance assessment.


The Accredited Teacher list is available to Music Service Partner Schools.


Accredited Teachers are self employed, but overseen by Sue Walker - Music Education Manager.

Encore Accredited Freelance Artists

We have approximately 15 Accredited Freelance Artists who deliver a wide range of services across all our service areas (ensemble tutors, choir leaders, health and wellbeing specialists, workshop delivers etc)


AFAs working in Early Years are overseen by Wendy Wilson-Goddard

AFAs working in schools are overseen by Sue Walker

AFAs working in Community are overseen by Cliff Woollard

Trainee Music Tutors

Conor Hall

Maia Roberts

Trainee Music Tutors are overseen by Chris Butts

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