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Singing in Schools

Herefordshire Music Education Hub is committed to supporting schools to “ensure that every pupil sings regularly” through its Singing Strategy provision. 

Music should be embedded in every primary school. Singing should be the golden thread through these years, with a clear commitment to quality teaching and opportunities for progression for all children from the start of their school education.

(DfE & DCMS, The Power of Music to Change Lives: A National Plan for Music Education, 2022)

Encore’s ‘Singing for Wellbeing Leader’, Jo Lowry, will lead the delivery of Herefordshire Music Education Hub’s Singing Strategy, which aims to support schools and provide exciting, meaningful experiences for our young people. 

School projects for 2024/25 will include:

♪ CPD for school colleagues, both specialists and non-specialists

Singing CPD is available to support your assemblies, choirs or classroom singing. We offer both face-to-face and zoom sessions, and topics will include ‘Building Confidence’ and ‘Using Technology to Support Singing’.

♪ School visits: assembly and choir support

Bespoke support is available to help with individual school needs.

♪ Bespoke resources to support PSHE through singing

We can provide resources specifically chosen for both the appropriate Key Stage and based on PSHE themes covered within schools. These songs will help to explore themes such as strength, resilience, friendship and self-belief.

♪ Large events with guest singers, coaches etc.

Some of the leading vocal coaches, singers and performers in the UK will be visiting and working with students around the county to explore the wider opportunities available to our young people today.

If you would like any information on singing projects, please contact:

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