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Instrument Hire

Encore Enterprises has a wide range of instruments available for hire, a full list can be found here. Priority is given to Herefordshire pupils first, but we also hire out instruments to schools, adults and other organisations. We use part of our DfE funding to subsidise the hire rate to Herefordshire pupils.


There are a number of benefits to hiring an instrument such as:

  • No maintenance costs - All instruments are checked over and serviced prior to going out on hire, any servicing or maintenance that is required while the instrument is out on hire will be done free of charge. (Repairs due to damage or misuse are charged, but we try to keep the cost of repairs reasonable)

  • Can easily exchange for another instrument - Sometimes pupils start on one instrument but later wish to try out another, hiring allows them to find the instrument that best suits them. Also, younger string players use smaller instruments so will need to move up a size as they get older.

  • Affordable - Instruments are not cheap (especially good quality ones) so hiring provides a cheaper alternative with easy monthly payments.


If you have any problems or queries in regards to our instrument hire scheme, please contact Alex McWilliams (Logistics and Data Coordinator):

What is Available?

How to Hire

Hire Charges and Bursaries

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Cancelling Hire

Terms and Conditions

Online Application Form

Looking to hire an instrument? Click below to begin the application process.

For More Information

If you have any queries about instrument hire or would like more information, please contact:

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