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  • Encore Music Service/Encore Enterprises instruments are hired subject to availability with a minimum hire period of 2 months. For drum kits and electric pianos, the minimum hire period is 4 months.

  • The Hirer is the parent/carer of the pupil for whom the instrument is being hired.

  • The cost of hire for Herefordshire school pupils is £7.00 per month for string instruments and £10.50 per month for all other instrument, and must be paid for monthly by direct debit. If you only wish to hire an instrument for the minimum hire period we can accept a cash payment or BACS transfer for the whole of the hire period. 

  • Pupils in receipt of Free School Meals are entitled to free instrument hire (subject to availability).  Pupils must be learning in a Music Service Partner School. A £25 refundable deposit is required and is refunded when the instrument is returned in a satisfactory condition. Please tick the appropriate box on the form. Your school may be able to pay this deposit on your behalf, please check with your school. Please note that we will contact your child’s school to confirm their eligibility.

  • Direct debit payments will be taken from the Hirer’s bank account on the first day of the month irrespective of the day the hire was initiated or terminated i.e. if you collect an instrument on 15 April, you will not be charged until 1 May. The direct debit will appear on your bank statement as “Herefordshire UA”. 

  • If the direct debit is cancelled by the Hirer and we do not receive either the instrument or any communication from the Hirer within 7 days from the date of cancellation, you will receive notification that the direct debit has been reinstated and charges will commence 14 days later.

  • Instruments are normally collected from our office by either the Hirer or instrumental teacher. Occasionally, we can provide a delivery and collection service to partner schools where it has not been possible for the parent to collect/return instruments directly to us. 

  • The instrument can only be collected/delivered on receipt of a completed Instrument Hire Form and Direct Debit Instruction or deposit payment, in the case of a Pupil Premium bursary.

  • When the instrument is no longer needed, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to inform Encore and arrange for its return to our office. Leaving the instrument at school, informing the music teacher or school office is not sufficient and you will still be liable for payment if you have not informed Encore Enterprises that the instrument is being returned. Once we have received the instrument, we will cancel the direct debit or refund the deposit charge.

  • The Hirer agrees to take reasonable care to safeguard the musical instrument.

  • The Hirer is responsible for replacing ‘disposable’ items such as strings, reeds etc.

  • Instruments are not insured when hired out. It is the Hirer's responsibility to adequately insure the instrument against theft, loss or damage, or be prepared to cover the loss themselves.

  • Encore will arrange and pay for repairs needed as a result of reasonable wear and tear. Instruments requiring attention must be returned to Encore to be repaired by our instrument technicians. It is essential that no repairs are made by the Hirer, tutor or other instrument repairer. Please contact us.

  • The instrument will not be available for you to purchase when you complete the hire.

  • Please note: where an instrument is hired to an adult, other organisation or an out of county pupil the Hirer may be required to return the instrument (with one month’s notice) should a Herefordshire school pupil require it.

  • Please ensure you inform Encore immediately of any change to your contact or bank details.