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Encore Enterprises is committed to supporting music curriculum in schools. Schools may find the following documents and resources useful. For further help or advice specifically related to music curriculum, please contact Sue Walker (Music Education Manager):

Please use these guides to self evaluate the music provision in your school


Curriculum Music Resources

Charanga’s ‘Musical School’

Encore Music Service is the official partner for Charanga in Herefordshire. Charanga’s ‘Musical School’ is an award-winning modern, easy-to-use online resource to help teach primary music.  It’s a living cloud-based resource that brings together great music, modern pedagogy and the latest educational technology. It can be used as a WCET resource (click here to be taken to the WCET page) or a curriculum teaching resource, and you may see Encore’s WCET tutors using it in their whole class instrumental lessons.

It supports all aspects of curriculum music in school, including the Model Music Curriculum, as well as providing children and their families with opportunities to continue learning and exploring music at home through the YUMU online learning platform.

A Musical School license includes individual access for as many teachers in your school as you would like plus access for all children to YUMU.

To find out more about Musical School, sign up for a free trial and to obtain a quote go to:

Music Express

Encore Music Service is also the official partner for Music Express in Herefordshire, offering a 25% discount on school subscriptions. Music Express provides everything you need for teaching primary music, week by week. Written by leading experts in primary music education, this scheme has quality and engaging music lessons with careful progression built in, from Early Years to Age 11. It is easy to use for teachers with little confidence in music, and allows flexibility for music specialists.

It's not just lessons, either! There are also:

· over 400 songs, with audio tracks and synchronised lyrics displayed, to get your school singing

· a scheme of work for learning the ukulele as a class or in groups

· warm ups and bite-sized skill builders to develop strong foundations in beat, rhythm and pitch.

For schools or staff who are interested but not yet ready for a subscription or free 30-day trial of the full resource, there is a short ‘Take a tour’ video on YouTube:

We have also made available a small number of lessons, activities and songs, which can be accessed via our Sample site. This is free and immediately available, with no requirement to share any details:

Please use this Google form to arrange a free 30-day trial of the full resource, or subscribe to Music Express with the 25% discount: 


Encore Music Service also partners with Sparkyard, a new subscription platform for primary schools. Sparkyard is jam-packed with more than 1000 songs from Out of the Ark song library, as well as assemblies, resources, a flexible music curriculum, and more!


You can start a free trial here and through Encore, you can receive a 30% discount on the advertised prices. Sparkyard also run regular training sessions online. More information can be found here.


If you would like to subscribe, please contact Sue Walker for the discount code:

Extra Teaching Resources






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