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'Tune-In!' - Further Details

Sharing Tune-In Projects between classes


Schools can choose to share a year’s Tune-In project between two or three classes. For example, two classes sharing will receive half a year of provision each and three classes sharing will receive a term of provision each.


PPA cover


Tune-In projects are a well-established choice for PPA cover and can be delivered for 10, 20, 32 and 38 weeks.


Classroom support


Tune-In projects are delivered in partnership with the class teacher and/or TA (or other responsible adult such as a governor, parent or friend of the school) whom we ask to be present in every lesson. This is because:


  • learning is more effective when the class teacher/TA is able to give additional support to individual children or small groups

  • children often require help with the technical aspects of playing. The additional adult is able to intervene unobtrusively, allowing the tutor to focus on the whole class and to keep the lesson flowing

  • sessions are resource rich. Instruments can need instant attention (stuck valves, replacing reeds, tuning strings). Having another adult present enable the pace of learning to be maintained

  • support with the distribution and collection of instruments enables effective use of time

  • evidence from our colleagues at Services for Education in Birmingham shows that the classes showing most progress are those where the class teacher/TA is actively involved with the lesson, learning alongside their pupils

  • the class teacher/TA knows the children very well and will be aware of individual pupils’ circumstances and can assist in behaviour management

  • taking part is a great CPD opportunity for the class teacher and/or TA

  • it’s a rewarding and enjoyable experience!


Schools are requested to share with tutors any information that will assist them to provide activities or approaches appropriate to the needs of every child, for example, SEND.


Naturally, we expect that any TA support normally required by individual children be provided.



**Please be flexible**


Keeping costs to schools as low as possible depends on us being able to utilise tutor time effectively by timetabling schools that are geographically close in the same morning or afternoon. This is particularly the case if you are ordering 1 hour of tuition. When completing your Tune-In booking form, please offer as many teaching time slots as possible. Thank you!

Instrument Insurance

Instruments used for Tune-In projects are hired directly to the school. By participating in Tune-In, the school accepts responsibility for taking all reasonable steps to ensure instruments are treated with care at all times, including if pupils take instruments home.


Schools are responsible for ensuring instruments are adequately insured against theft, loss or damage as instruments are NOT covered by Encore’s insurance when on hire. Schools may allow pupils to take instruments home but remain responsible for loss or damage.  Schools may choose to only allow instruments home if covered by parents/carers home insurance. In the event of loss or damage, Encore will liaise with the school.


What if a tutor or school needs to cancel a session?


  • 10 week option - We recommend that this starts in the first or second week of the term. If a school gives notice of a cancellation a week or more in advance, lessons will be made up on an alternative ‘spare’ week, only if there are enough spare weeks remaining. If a tutor is ill, lessons will be made up on an alternative ‘spare’ week or reimbursement will be given.


  • 32 Week Option - If a school gives notice of a cancellation a week or more in advance, lessons will be made up on an alternative ‘spare’ week. If less than one weeks notice is given, tutors will endeavour to make up the cancelled lesson but this cannot be guaranteed.  If a tutor is ill, lessons will be made up on an alternative ‘spare’ week. We recommend schools spread non-teaching weeks across the year.


  • 38 Week Option - If a school cancels, the session is still chargeable. If a tutor is ill we will try and provide  cover, if not a refund will be made.  Sometimes a school would like the tutor to teach a different class if the usual class is on a trip that day. Whilst our tutors are not supply teachers, if you give a week’s notice that this class will be out, the tutor will work with the school to cover a different class.

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'Tune-In!' - Further Details

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