Benefits for Pupils and Schools

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Benefits for Pupils and Schools

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Benefits for schools

  • Pupils are taught within a normal classroom situation

  • Performances are included during the year, giving parents, friends and the rest of the school community the chance to celebrate the children’s success

  • Class teachers and TA receive ‘in-house’ professional development – as they learn alongside because we provide them with instruments too!

  • Evidence to OFSTED that two of the four core roles of the DfE’s National Plan for Music Education are being met (whole class ensemble teaching and opportunities to sing regularly)

Benefits for pupils


  • Pupils develop a range of musical skills through practical hands-on learning

  • Opportunities to sing engaging repertoire

  • Skills such as creativity, decision-making, determination, concentration, team-work, commitment and resilience are fostered

  • Pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem grow

  • Enjoyable and rewarding sessions, especially when their class teacher or teaching assistant learns alongside them!

  • The opportunity to continue for another year as a class or to learn individually, in pairs or as a small group via the Accredited Teacher scheme.

Learning Outcomes


During the course of the year, pupils will:


  • Learn to play an instrument, producing a good quality sound

  • Learn to participate in an ensemble

  • Develop a range of musical skills

  • Learn to recognise musical styles and to understand music concepts

  • Learn how to make their own musical decisions

  • Learn to prepare for and participate in performances

  • Learn to evaluate their own as well as each other’s work

  • Have opportunities to improvise and compose


For further information or if you have questions or queries about any aspect of Wider Opportunities provision, please contact Sue Walker (Music Education Manager):