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***Upcoming CPD Opportunities for 2023***

Encore has got a variety of exciting CPD opportunities coming up for 2023 for primary and secondary school colleagues. From samba training to composition, there is sure to be something that takes your interest. Click here to find out more!

CPD & Training for School-Based Colleagues

On behalf of Herefordshire Music Education Hub, Encore Music Service provides support, CPD and training opportunities for school-based colleagues.

We are aware that:

  • most high schools have single music teacher departments which means the ability to network and develop can be limited and isolating

  • many primary schools do not have music specialists and value access to support and opportunities for CPD

  • schools need to demonstrate to OFSTED how they are meeting the requirements of the National Plan for Music Education, especially in terms of providing a ‘Broad and Balanced’ Curriculum

 So, we offer the following to support colleagues working in schools & colleges:

  • Termly online network meetings for primary and secondary schools

  • Learning alongside singing leaders as part of Singing Strategy projects

  • Learning alongside Encore Wider Opportunities tutors

  • Charanga ‘Musical School’ training for new and advanced users

  • Continued free liaison and advice from Encore managers and office team


If you have any other training or CPD requirements, please contact us and we will do our best to help:


CPD & Training for Encore Staff and Self-Employed Teachers and Practitioners

​All Encore staff, self-employed Accredited Teachers and freelance practitioners working in educational settings are required to attend annual safeguarding refresher training.

In addition, Encore Music Service provides the following CPD and training opportunities for its staff and self-employed teachers and practitioners:

  • An annual Training Day for Accredited Teachers and Wider Opportunities tutors

  • Regular meetings & training for the Wider Opportunities (whole class instrumental tuition) tutor team

  • A variety of first-aid, safeguarding and recruitment training

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