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Herefordshire Music Fund Bursary - Tutor Reimbursement

The online reimbursement form is to be used by instrumental/vocal tutors of young people in receipt of a bursary from Herefordshire Music Fund.

Tutors must have registered with Herefordshire Music Fund before submitting a claim. Tutors need only register once. 

Reimbursement forms should be submitted retrospectively six times a year at the end of each half-term (October, February, May) and full term (December, March/April and July). Please indicate on the claim form whether your claim is for a half-term or full term. A separate form should be completed for each pupil.  

At the end of each full term (December, March/April, July) tutors must complete a brief report for each pupil. This is to ensure that HMF funds are being allocated appropriately. The report is designed to be quick and easy to complete and consists of tick-box drop down menus with the option for a comment. Regretfully, should a report not be submitted the award of a bursary may be withdrawn.

Bursary reimbursement payments are calculated at an hourly rate of £31.50 and assume a 20-minute individual lesson equating to £10.50. If a different hourly rate has been agreed in advance, please indicate on the form. For lessons of longer duration and/or paired or group lessons please indicate the rate as agreed when the lessons were set up.

Bursaries fund up to 32 lessons per academic year.

Claims for Missed Lessons

HMF Trustees recognise that most instrumental/vocal tutors charge for missed lessons. Tutors need to protect their incomes and the Trustees support this position. Trustees also have a responsibility to be wise stewards of the generous donations of HMF supporters. Therefore, the following will be ‘piloted’ from January 2021.


  • If a student misses a lesson and the tutor generously chooses to teach an additional ‘catch-up’ lesson without charge to the parents/carers or school, then a claim for tuition costs should not be made.


  • If a student misses a lesson and the tutor charges the parents/carers or school for the missed lesson, then a claim for the bursary percentage of tuition costs can be made.


However, HMF Trustees need to monitor the number of and reasons for missed lessons and request tutor’s help in doing so. When submitting their bursary reimbursement claim form, tutors will be asked to indicate the date and reasons for any missed lessons (if known). Should a pattern of excessive or ‘unreasonable’ absence emerge the Trustees reserve the right to withdraw the bursary award.

Should you require any assistance in completing this form, please contact Eva Prestage (HMF Administrator):

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