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One Herefordshire Health & Social Care Choir

Encore Community Music - Eras - Quaver a

Throughout this past year the outpouring of love and support for the NHS has been tremendous. Encore wanted to share the love for all Health & Social Care workers in the only way they knew how.


In February of 2020, prior to COVID and the subsequent lockdowns, Encore were proud to support the Acute Floor Staff at Hereford County Hospital to create a ‘one-off flashmob’ performance of the song ‘All You Need Is Love’, performed by the staff from the unit. This was received wonderfully across the whole hospital site, and also via social media, and sparked the idea of meeting up regularly to form a choir.

Unfortunately, the pandemic took hold meaning doctors, nurses and all our keyworkers had to bear an unimaginable workload.


Encore wanted to say well done, and thank you for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do. After a few phone calls, the plan was made, and it went much further than just a single ward of the hospital. Staff were approached from all branches of Health and Social Care across Herefordshire, inviting them to participate in an Online Choir.


Over a period of only 4 weeks, Singing Teacher Beth Melling, an Encore Freelance Artist, has managed to bring together all of these keyworkers, reworked and reworded a Christmas classic, rehearsed via ZOOM, supported to record remotely, and also created a video to go alongside the track. And now, the track and video are ready to be heard and viewed across the whole world. Encore is proud to present ‘Our Fairytale of Ward Ten’, as recorded by the One Herefordshire Health & Social Care Choir.


Lindsey Mclean, Urgent Care Programme Manager, who is part of the team who had the original ‘flashmob’ idea, and was instrumental in the organisation of this project says, “Seeing all the faces smiling and laughing on a Zoom rehearsal was just wonderful. It’s exactly what we all needed after such a difficult year”.


Cliff Woollard, Managing Director of Encore Enterprises, said “2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, but none more so than for our health and social care professionals. We are delighted that they have enjoyed the opportunity to record a Christmas Song.”


The full version of the song is now available to view here.


If you have any queries please contact Lisa Lyness (Encore Enterprises):

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