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Latest Update from Encore 24.03.20

Encore is continuing to respond to Government advice and instructions in respect to Coronavirus. This is a changing situation as you will all appreciate. The following update includes the main points from our previous update:

New for this Bulletin

The Encore office will close today (24th March) at 4pm until further notice. Please do not visit the Encore office. Our post and answering machine will be checked periodically. All staff are working from home, but their times of work might fluctuate due to their own personal circumstances.

Instrument collection and deliveries have been suspended until further notice

Malvern residential course at Easter is now cancelled, as is the Hay Festival and Hereford River Carnival

Due to all staff now working from home, please email us and we can forward your query to the right person

We are starting to work on some online resources, so please do have a look at this on our website (click on box on homepage). At the moment we are simply adding things, but in time we will make it more user friendly!

Previously Advised

- Youth Music – All Youth Music band, orchestra and ensemble rehearsals and concerts are cancelled until the end of May (end of this season)

- All other events such as the rock and pop day on 21st March and the Youth Orchestra performance with ESO are all cancelled

- All adult and community services are cancelled until further notice (Garrick Singers, Singing for Lung Health, Yam Jams, NHS Choir, National Star College Choir, Wellsprings/MIND etc).

- The Early Hurly Burly (Early Years with 5 Local Authority Areas) project is cancelled with immediate effect

- As schools are closed for majority of pupils, then we are unable to run our wider opportunities (whole class ensemble) lessons in schools

- Accredited Teachers who provided peripatetic instrumental and vocal lessons will be making their own arrangements with schools and parents. Some schools who are remaining open are allowing these lessons to continue, with parents bringing their children into school just for the lesson. Others are developing online lessons using SKYPE/Zoom etc. Please contact your Accredited Teacher for more information

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