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We've Rebranded!

We are delighted to announce that from 1st May (I.E. today!), Encore will have new branding launched as follows:

· Encore Enterprises CIC will still be the company name

· Encore Music Service will be the Sub-Brand for all of our work in schools (including special schools) and early years

· Encore Youth Music will be the Sub-Brand for all of our Youth Music Ensembles (the ensemble names themselves are not changing)

· Encore Community Music will be the Sub-Brand for all of our adult community work

· The Music Pool charity name will remain unchanged

The above ensures that all services users understand that the service is provided by Encore and that Encore is promoted more widely. Importantly, it ensures that we keep our highly valued titles of Music Service, Youth Music and Community Music.

A new logo has been designed. We wanted to preserve a link to the past names and therefore the centre of the logo uses the former Herefordshire Youth Music logo.

At the same time we are relaunching our social media! We have been working on this for some time, including seeking advice from young people (who have been extremely helpful). I am delighted to announce that our new/refreshed social media platforms are now live to coincide with the rebranding. We have a new Facebook Page, a refreshed twitter account, our first Instagram account and also a YouTube channel where people will be able to see all the excellent work that goes on.

It will take a little time to get everything sorted and settled down of course. Lisa is working on this and managing the social media on a day to day basis, so please do keep in contact with her and share any thoughts or ideas (

We hope you enjoy following us on…….

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