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Bespoke Training/Support

Encore also offers bespoke music training and/or support. If you are interested or would like more information please contact Sue Walker ( to discuss your school's requirements. As a guide, the costs are:


Free two hour visit from Encore’s Music Education Manager (used to discuss School Development Plan or general school support)

You may buy further support:

♪ Lesson delivery (e.g. EYFS or Singing) £57 per hour
♪ 1:1 Curriculum support/Music Development Plan £65 per hour
♪ Staff INSET (1.5 hours) £130
♪ Music Deep Dive (up to 3 hours) £250

*These sessions could cover support with developing listening skills, classroom composing, developing confidence with Charanga or Sparkyard (or any other music scheme), writing a music development plan, demonstration music lessons, or any other topics that the school requires.

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