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Sing Up Day - June 2024

Sing Up are launching their annual Sing Up Day on Wednesday 26th June 2024, where all children are invited to learn the Sing Up Day song and come together on that day to sing. This is appropriate for all pupils whether you are in primary, secondary or SEND. Schools can video their children and send their recordings to Sing Up, but we thought it would be great to hold a Herefordshire mass zoom and send in our county-wide big sing!

The aim is to celebrate joy and the power of song. This year's song is called "I Belong", it carries a powerful message, reminding us that, although we may not always feel like it, there is always a place for us in the world.

It will start at 2:00pm and finish around 2:45pm. There will be a warm up, a run through practice of the song then there will be one or two zoom video recordings of the song to compile into a mass choir recording.

It is free to sign up. Schools will be sent the zoom link once they've signed up, they will also receive all the resources to learn the song, including assembly materials. It can be the whole school who takes part or individual classes. Schools who sign up will also have the option to be part of the digi-choir recording, more details on that will be available at a later date.

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