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HYM Newsletter - September 2016

Dear Parents,

We hope your sons and daughters have all enjoyed their first Youth Music rehearsals.

The first Saturday Morning Music Centre at the new venue, Hereford Sixth Form College, went very smoothly; thanks to everyone for arriving early for the assembly.

Please find below this term's newsletter - please ask Eva on Saturday if you would like a hard copy. You can also find below a hoodie form - if you would like to order one, please note that the deadline is Saturday 8th October.

Just a reminder for those of you who come on Saturday mornings - the next rehearsal is this Saturday, 24th, at Hereford Sixth Form College. There is no assembly this week so everyone please go straight to their rehearsal room - start times are in the handbook and in the newsletter.

We had some lovely feedback last Saturday about the new venue - please do continue to give us your thoughts!

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