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HYCB Carols Performance Cancellation

I am sure that you will have all been watching the weather forecast this week ready for the carols in town on Saturday. The forecast clearly shows that tomorrow is going to be a dreadful day for the weather, with possible sleet or freezing rain, persistent heavy showers in the afternoon and strong gusty winds. That is such a disappointment after the weather this week! Clearly, we cannot play carols outside in this weather! We have tried to see if we could play within a large shop instead, but obviously we are too big and also the shop wouldn’t be ready to house us.

Given the above, regretfully, we have taken the decision to cancel HYCB’s carol performance at the Old Market on Saturday 15th December.

You will be aware that we had said we would make a decision by 11.30am on the day, but it is clear the weather would make it impossible to perform. Whilst disappointed, we hope you will appreciate us taking an early decision.

Finally, if you have a band music pad and will NOT be at the ABF concert on Thursday, can you please ensure that this is returned before then. We have some adults covering the parts. We look forward to seeing you all at 4.15pm on Thursday………in a much drier cathedral!

Cliff Woollard & Andi Licqurish

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