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Stand Up and Sing!!! 2023

Sunday 14th May is National Children’s day in the UK. To support this Encore Enterprises will be hosting an online event called “Stand Up and Sing!”

Encore Enterprises - Eras - Quaver and Double Quaver.png

On Monday 15th May at 2:15pm - 2:45pm all primary schools in Herefordshire are invited to join a live zoom session. This can be done in a whole school assembly or in the classroom itself.


You will be led through some live warm ups followed by a quick practise of some of the song itself. (hopefully you will have had a little look at this before hand….or at least a listen!)


At around 2:35pm we will perform on mass with each school recording their individual performances.

These will then be sent to Encore to collate into one mass performance to share with participating schools.


The song chosen is “This Is Me” which is an anthem of acceptance.


Thus celebrating the core values behind National Children’s Day…….


The aim of National Children's Day UK is to get as many people as possible to create events and activities that:

1)     highlight the importance of healthy, happy childhoods

2)    celebrate all the great work that is going on nationwide to support child and family wellbeing

3)    champion children's participation


We will also be asking members of the Stand Up and Sing Choir 2023 to take part in a very special concert on Saturday 17th June.


Why not sign up to get involved!


Register below and you will be sent the following:


•        Resources and tracks for our Stand Up and Sing 2023 song

•        A zoom link for the day itself and instructions on how to take part.

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