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How Do I Setup Lessons?

Teacher Invoices and Lessons

Group Lessons

Encore Music Service positively promotes group lessons but the length of lessons and numbers of pupils in a group varies from instrument to instrument. Whilst teachers will differentiate, please be aware that pupils will need to be of a similar standard to be in the same group!

The idea of group lessons is to promote greater access to learning and lessons may not necessarily focus on grade exams. Clearly, as pupils develop, they will require more time and possibly need to progress to a paired or individual lesson.


The table below contains guidelines for the earliest year to start for a particular instrument and also the minimum length of a lesson for a particular group size. Please bear in mind that these are only guidelines, as other factors may have to be taken into consideration e.g. size of child, second/front teeth formation, size of fingers, coordination, development etc. Your teacher can also provide further advice.