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How Do I Setup Lessons?

If you are a parent interested in your child having lessons within school, please contact your school's Head of Music/Music Co-ordinator and they will be able to assist you. If you are a school interested in arranging lessons for pupils then before contacting Accredited Teachers, please consider the following:

  • Decide which instrument (or voice) you would like to offer pupils in your school​

  • We would suggest a minimum tuition period of 1 hour to make it worthwhile for a tutor to come into school.  This could be 3 x 20 minute individual/shared lessons or 2 x 30 minute individual/shared lessons. Some tutors will come to school for less time if they are already teaching in a neighbouring school and do not have too far to travel​

  • If you don’t have enough interest at present, could you ask the tutor to come into school and give a demonstration to a class or in an assembly to increase awareness/interest?  Or, you could ask if they would offer a free taster session to a group of pupils.

  • Once you know how many pupils are interested in lessons you should:


  • Send a generic email to all relevant instrumental tutors to see who would be willing/able to teach at your school


  • Decide which tutor you would like based on the responses they receive


  • Decide with the tutor what day/time they will visit your school along with a start date


  • Liaise with the tutor regarding who will give copies of the Accredited Teacher’s contract to parents


  • Assist parents in contacting the tutor directly. The tutor will also invoice parents directly

If you have any difficulty appointing a tutor, please contact us:

Accredited Teachers

How To Setup Lessons

Group Lessons

Teacher Invoices and Lessons

Safeguarding and DBS

For More Information

If you have any queries about instrumental/vocal lessons or would like more information, please contact:

Financial Support For Tuition

Herefordshire Music Fund is a charity run by local people. It provides financial support for tuition and other musical activities for pupils in challenging financial circumstances.

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