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Teacher Invoices and Lessons

The Accredited Teacher will have a letter/contract which parents complete, sign and return. Payment for lessons can be made via internet banking or cheque (payable to the teacher, not the school). Schools may wish to collect these in to assist the process. Each term, the teacher simply sends out an invoice to parents for the next block of lessons.

It is recommended that a minimum of 32 lessons per year are provided as any less than this could impact progression.


From Sept 2023 the recommended charge for tuition is £33.00 per hour.

If a pupil misses a lesson (forgets, illness etc.), then the teacher would not be expected to make up the lesson. If the teacher is ill, then it is suggested that the teacher ‘credits’ one lesson from the next invoice. 

​The notice period to terminate Accredited Teacher lessons by a parent or school is half a term.

Accredited Teachers

How To Setup Lessons

Group Lessons

Teacher Invoices and Lessons

Safeguarding and DBS

For More Information

If you have any queries about instrumental/vocal lessons or would like more information, please contact:

Financial Support For Tuition

Herefordshire Music Fund is a charity run by local people. It provides financial support for tuition and other musical activities for pupils in challenging financial circumstances.

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