Herefordshire Music Fund - Bursary Application FAQs

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What are bursaries for?

Bursaries provide financial assistance for:


  1. instrumental or vocal tuition and;

  2. participation in music activities such as courses, workshops, residentials, events and masterclasses / sessions with renowned musicians.   


Parents/carers can apply for support with either tuition or music activities or both. Young people do not need to be in receipt of an instrumental/vocal tuition bursary to be eligible to apply for assistance with attending music activities.


Who is eligible to apply?

Children and young people living in Herefordshire or attending school/college in Herefordshire.


Is there an age limit?

Children and young people must be 19 years of age or younger on the date the application is received by Herefordshire Music Fund.


How much are bursaries worth?

Normally, bursaries will assume a 20-minute individual lesson rate of £10.00. For paired or group lessons the rate will be adjusted accordingly. For more advanced students, bursaries may be awarded for longer lessons. Bursaries will fund up to 32 lessons per year.


Bursaries for young people entitled to receive free school meals will cover up to 100% of tuition costs. Parents/carers can check if they are entitled to free school meals by clicking here.


Parents/carers who are not entitled to receive free school meals are invited to apply for a ‘discretionary’ bursary to cover up to 50% of tuition costs.


At the Trustees discretion, bursaries for music activities will contribute towards or cover the full cost of fees.


Is it first come first served or criteria-based?

Bursaries are awarded according to the financial criteria outlined above. In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of bursaries on offer, the Trustees will seek to promote a broad range of instruments/voice across a range of genres.


Applications from children/young people in the following categories will be positively received:

  • continuation following a year of whole class instrumental tuition

  • progression from group/paired tuition to individual tuition due to excellent progress.


Please understand that the number of bursaries available is limited. Should an application be unsuccessful, parents/carers are invited to resubmit for consideration during the next round of applications.


For how long are bursaries awarded?

Bursaries are awarded for a period of two years. However, the on-going award of a bursary is dependent on a positive report being received at the end of each term from the recipient’s instrumental/vocal tutor indicating excellent attendance, good progress at an appropriate level such as achieving grade examinations or participation in music groups.

How do I apply?

Please complete the online application form which can be found here.


Parents/carers of children in receipt of free school meals should scan and upload a copy of the letter received from the Revenue and Benefits Service of Herefordshire Council confirming that their child is eligible for free school meals.


Parents/carers requesting a discretionary bursary are asked to give the reasons for their application including their financial circumstances. A copy of your application will be sent to your child’s Headteacher/Principal for their endorsement.  


If a bursary application is successful, the Fund Administrator will inform you and the instrumental/vocal tutor and lessons can begin. The instrumental/vocal tutor will claim the bursary amount direct from Herefordshire Music Fund. You (or your child’s school if this has been agreed in advance) are responsible for paying the tutor any remaining lesson fees.


Will all applications be considered?

All applications will be considered. All applicants will be informed of the Trustees decision. Due to the high number of applications anticipated, it may not be possible to provide updates regarding the progress of applications.  


Can I apply if my child’s teacher is not an Accredited Teacher with Encore Enterprises?

Yes. There are many excellent music tutors who are not Accredited Teachers. For any instrumental/vocal tutor not known to the Trustees, the Trustees will seek a recommendation from the school’s/college’s Head of Music/music coordinator or a reference.


Can children and young people who attend an independent school apply?

Yes. Applications will be assessed against the criteria like all other applications


Who decides and when?

A panel of HMF Trustees. Applications should be received by the 1st of July for tuition/activities commencing or taking place in the autumn term; 1st November for tuition/activities commencing or taking place in the spring term and 1st March for tuition/activities commencing or taking place in the summer term.


Applications can be submitted at any time.


I’m an instrumental/vocal tutor. How do I claim?

Parents/carers will approach you to arrange instrumental/vocal tuition in the usual way and will inform you that they are intending to apply for a bursary.


The Fund Administrator will inform you if your student (existing or new) has been successful in applying for a bursary and the amount. Instrumental/vocal tutors submit a half-termly or termly online claim form for the number of lessons taught. Bursaries are available for a maximum of 32 lessons per year.


Each term, as part of the claim, tutors will be asked to submit a short report indicating the number of lessons received, lessons missed (with reasons), overall progress and effort/willingness to practise and participation in musical activities (if appropriate). Should a report not be submitted the award of a bursary may be withdrawn. 

Should you have any further questions or queries, please contact us:

Telephone Number: 01432 853219      Email: